MICROZEIT is a new independent publisher focused on digital culture and computer history. We open up with a book series about digital creativity in the 80s. THE ATARI ST AND THE CREATIVE PEOPLE are narrative art books with a premier presentation of contemporary motion design. For the first time fast paced pixel movements are captured in a book. Our hearts are beating for digital art as well as for good storytelling.   

In the “border series” you’ll find our brand book design and a deep view into the pixel era. Every part of these books were a journey and we have worked hard to convey this idea to you. Our high quality retro books are an attractive analog conversion of characteristic motion graphics on Atari machines, e.g. ST, STE, Falcon and Jaguar. As independent producers we strive to close the gaps in the puzzle of “digital culture”. Be with us.

“Even if you are not a fan of the Atari ST, it’s hard not to be impressed by Beyond The Borders. It not only gives a fascinating insight into the home computer scene during the early Nineties, but also has extensive interviews with many of the demo artists who were prominent during the time. Filled with rare historical imagery and some entertaining (storyline), it’s an engaging read that will make you feel like you’re reliving the era again.”

RETRO GAMER No. 187 on Volume 2


Volume 1 begins with the roots of Atari’s 16-bit era and the transformation of bedroom coders into professionals. From the Union to Thalion. The Atari ST, followed by the marketing of the STE and TT. After the successful launch of Thalion, the young computer freaks are confronted with an unexpectedly hard deadline business.....


Volume 2 covers the rapid rise and fall of a creative era: The golden years of pixel art. Atari tries to save its market share by introducing the Falcon and Mega STE, while Thalion experiences an internal split and faces its origins. It’s the most dramatic story, packed with glorious demos, Thalion- and Eclipse games, stories and features.


Volume 3 observes the return of the homebrew scene and takes a closer look at the products on the Atari Falcon. The Jaguar console is also released and Eclipse Software creates a strong joint venture in Silicon Valley. At the end we look at what happened to Atari, the demoscene and especially to the main characters of the book series.

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