What do the readers say?

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Atari ST: volume 2

Love the books, even if I was active on the C64 and Amiga scene rather than Atari ST

I do recognize so much of it from Atari-friends and demo parties.

– Stefan Pettersson


Beyond The Borders kann ich jedem, der sich für das Thalion-Universum interessiert, bedenkenlos empfehlen.

Es ist – wie schon der Vorgänger – hochwertig verarbeitet, ansprechend gestaltet, informativ und gehaltvoll.
– Gerald Müller-Bruhnke, Thalion Source


The best and most comprehensive retro computer book I have ever read.

– Steven Leicester


I became immersed in the zeitgeist where border busting, games, demo acquisition, disk magazine writing and just having hedonistic Atari-related fun were the things around which my life revolved. I dare say there is no better way for a former Atari scener (or even an out-gourded satellite such as myself) to re-live those days again.
– Richard Karsmakers


The best Atari scene book!!
– Marc Bascoul


For once, I am (almost) lost for words by what is nothing less

than a beautiful and professionally produced product and is certainly worth every penny.
– Steve Gregory, AtariCrypt


Beautifully designed, informative and a great and interesting vintage Atari 16-bit book for all who loved this machine and also for those of you that have never seen anything like this.
– Darren Doyle, Greyfox

Atari ST: volume 1

The history in this book is the reason why I am where I am today.

– Fredrik Olsson, Apple


I found this volume one of the best books I ever bought in this genre.

This book delivered everything I had been looking forward to.
– Adam Ransom

I’m so impressed by how this is written. It feels way more like a story compared to all other ‘retro’ books. This is all so much about the people, and what gives it an extra dimension is the fact I’ve met lots of them at the STNICCC 2015 (demo party).

– Maarten Martens

I knew the quality of the book would be good, but I am shocked by the professional quality of this piece of art! Everything from the interviews and articles to things like paper and print quality.

– Tobias Jansson

As one of the few U.S. people [...] I always felt like I was missing out on the scene in Europe. This book has done an amazing job to put the things into view I could only dream to understand about: what was happening back in those days. This Kickstarter was worth every penny and more.

– Nick Haas


With actual tears in my eyes, I’ve just finished reading. Thank you for having undertaken the task of documenting the demo scene that so profoundly affected my youth, and my subsequent career to this day. […] I’ve never seen such quality reproductions of how the graphics actually looked on screen.

– Troed Sångberg


I knew that Thalion was related to The Exceptions at the time, but I did not know that so many people were involved and that is was so much hectic. Now I understand why so much space was reserved to Thalion in the book!

I had a lot of fun reading it.

– Romain Piquois


Beautiful quality and the content is going to keep me going for a long while.

This is the beST thing for the Atari ST in a long while!!!

– Steve Gregory, AtariCrypt


As I keep reading […] I understand more and more about the early years of Atari ST pioneers!

It had to be something to be part of such a great adventure, exploring new digital territories.

– Sébastien Larnac


Nerd Porn. 

– Sven Bauer


Very awesome addition to my library, alongside with books about NES & SNES graphics and games, chiptune, Neo Geo Anthology, Pixel Art from Demoscene, Amiga bible and many other nice books of this kind ...

This one is very well done, so pro and good looking.

– Sydney Plumey (Ultrasyd)


Ich bin hin und weg. […] versetzt mich mal eben 26 Jahre in meine eigene Vergangenheit. Ich könnte heulen, ehrlich.

Das Layout, die Geschichten, die Interviews, die Einschübe, die Bilder – das Ding ist mindestens eine Klasse besser als die […]-Reihe.

– Marc Hofstee


[…] From the quality of the packaging to the format, content and design: generally at awesomeness level.

Looking forward to the second tome.

– Mickaël Pointier


[...] Many sleepless hours trying to pixel something, joyful hours flew past in gaming as Thalion was our Psygnosis. [...] Back then I had no idea why demos, early games and utilities turned out how they did. Or who were the wizkids behind them. Or how on earth they manage the ST to do things no one ever imagined possible when it was launched! Now I’m starting to get the picture and I’m hungry for more. For me this is not just another Kickstarter book I backed. This is an important moment in our beloved Atari ST history. A trip into our underground culture the way it should be told.
– Marko Latvanen

Press reactions

Atari ST: volume 2


“Even if you are not a fan of the Atari ST, it’s hard not to be impressed by Beyond The Borders. It not only gives a fascinating insight into the home computer scene during the early Nineties, but also has extensive interviews with many of the demo artists who were prominent during the time. Filled with rare historical imagery and some entertaining (storyline), it’s an engaging read that will make you feel like you’re reliving the era again.”


Retro – Das Videospielkulturmagazin  

„Hintergrundinformationen über die Demoszene vom Feinsten, sehr viel Artwork – einfach lesenswert!“



“As with previous efforts, reading can be a bit complicated, but this is compensated by high-quality, mostly unpublished material. As in the 1st book volume, the print and paper are more than remarkable, and the cover and hardback will certainly go very well with the other works you already have on your favourite shelf. It’s curious that a story combines an underground scene with commercial video games, but even though you have little love for the Atari and the artistic forms of expression that are called demos, it’s a fresh alternative to the typical point of view that most of today’s books on video games revolve around.”



„Es gibt nicht viele Fanprojekte, die mit so einer Qualität überzeugen. […] Besonders gut gefällt mir die Mischung aus Computergrafiken und den privaten Fotos. Mensch waren wir da noch jung, höre ich mich in diesem Moment sagen. Durch diesen Stil wirkt Beyond the Borders etwa wie ein Jahrbuch aus Schulzeiten. Super!“ 

Atari ST: volume 1


„Jeder der sich für Computergeschichte, die Geschichte Ataris oder Digitale Kultur im Allgemeinen interessiert, bekommt mit Breakin’ The Borders ein faszinierendes Buch in die Hände, dass nicht an einem Abend gelesen werden kann. Detailtiefe und Leidenschaft mit der das Buch arrangiert wurde, sind überragend.“


[Anyone interested in computer history, the history of Atari or digital culture in general will find Breakin' The Borders a fascinating book that cannot be read in an evening. The depth of detail and passion with which the book was arranged is outstanding.]  


Atari Legend  

“Everything you ever wanted to know about the Atari ST demoscene is written in this beautiful book filled to the brim with colourful screenshots of demo artwork. If you are a fan, this is definitely something you can not afford to miss.” 



“It offers tremendous insight into the scene and features fascinating interviews with numerous members, including The Exceptions, TNT, Gigabyte Crew and The Lost Boys. An essential read for anyone interested in the machine.”


Retro Video Gamer (RVG) 

“The print quality is exceptional, imagery and colours are vibrant and sharp, and it is one of those books that has the power to change your thoughts on the Atari ST, driving your interest to get into this machine.”


RETRO – Das Videospielkulturmagazin  

„Bücher über die Demoszene sind mittlerweile keine Seltenheit mehr und neue Bücher über dieses Thema sind gerne gesehen, vor allem wenn es um den Atari ST geht.“


8-Bit Central 

“This isn’t a one-and-done story. Its breath is wide and Breddin is doing a wonderful job in showcasing the stages across this series. I’d like to point out that there are many more stages to this history. I speculate we will be treated to several more tomes full of stories, history and passion!”



“Perhaps weighed down by a somewhat forced translation from the German original [...], this is a unique book that is far away from the typical approach of books dedicated to computer science and classic video games. Breddin takes advantage of his personal contacts and his own relationship with the scene at the time to describe in a passionate narration the great milestones that surrounded the sceners – true geniuses of hardware and software who knew how to squeeze every last drop of the machines they were working on.”


ST-Computer, 4/17 

„Lob verdient der Autor dafür, nicht nur Demo für Demo abzuhandeln, sondern mit kurzen Abstechern in die Atari-Geschichte auch den Kontext zu berücksichtigen. [...] Ebenso wenig wird der Fehler gemacht, sich zu sehr in die Szene-Sprache hineinzusteigern, die Zielgruppe ist also nicht nur diejenige, die sich damals mit der Atari-Szene beschäftigt hat, oder gar Teil von ihr war. Breakin’ The Borders ist ein wichtiges Buch über einen Teil der ST-Geschichte, der bisher vor allem im Print-Bereich viel zu kurz kam. Die Interviews [...] sind schon die Anschaffung des Buchs wert.“