/////// A dark addition to The Atari ST and The Creative People ///////

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In the beginning there was a troll. Many excellent programmers learned their craft in cracking computer games. For a long time the bootsector was their only home. They worked hard at night and found their sources far away from the consumer. With raster bars, scroll texts, pixel art and chipmusic, their cracktros spreaded through the disk slots of hundreds of thousands of young people who just wanted to play. It was a paradise for pirates. For the few lucky ones. Only the people with the most intriguing contacts were up to the scene. The 80s felt just right for that and everybody hoped for his secret little slice of illegal pie. The cracker’s hour, it had to come ... 

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More of this? The Crackers’ book brings you investigative research and interviews on up to 400 pages in the popular Microzeit layout style. I’d love to do it!
More of this? The Crackers’ book brings you investigative research and interviews on up to 400 pages in the popular Microzeit layout style. I’d love to do it!


THE CRACKERS ///////////////////////////////

A dark addition to The Creative People Series


The book with the working title “The Crackers” will be an experience in the spirit of the Border Trilogy. It is the first and probably only attempt to create such a high grade narrative non-fiction book with statements and images on this sensitive topic.


Tons of material, books and magazines are just waiting to be processed. Furthermore a Facebook group with 50 Atari crackers is behind this project. They once started on the ZX Spectrum, Atari XL and C64.

This is the untold story of some of the very best Atari ST crackers, their exceptional methods and deals, their way of life and their desires, their successes and setbacks.


Read about Tsunoo Rhilty (The Lord), 42-Crew, The Blade Runners, Boss, CSS, Cynix, The Medway Boys, The Replicants, Hackers Of The Arena, Elite, Empire, Ford Perfect, Pompey Pirates, Automation, Fuzion, ICS, MCA, Hotline, D-Bug, Vectronix, STCS ... and more.

Their experience stands for the 16-bit era of hacking and cracking in general. This book will therefore summarize the dark side of disk life as a unique contemporary spiritual phenomenon. It is our goal to tell the truth behind the entanglements of the games industry in the 80s and 90s. The plot will reveal how it was possible to crack and spread diskette games so efficiently. In Europe and worldwide. In a journey through time, Microzeit lets the top crackers have their say and report from their teenage bedrooms.


The scene, industry, press and media – they all will be illuminated for you to understand what really happened ...