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Find products for the computer revolution... of the Year 1985.

Whether you grew up during this time, owned an Atari ST/TT/STE/Falcon or a video console or are just interested in what happened in this playful computer era, here you are right.

The Atari ST book series is actually available as English hardback edition only, but you can download a German version to your e-book reader and take it with you to the beach. The e-book is exclusively available via Amazon worldwide.

Last pre-orders in May 2018

The second part of the book series The Atari ST and The Creative People is successfully financed and has been in production since November 2017. We are still working hard ... 

Beyond The Borders will be released in autumn 2018 and can be pre-ordered here exclusively until June at a special price. Bundles are reduced by up to 17% of the retail price.