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16-BIT REVOLUTION. Sounds like an eternity, but it’s part of our DNA. You also grew up with C64, Atari STE, Falcon, Jaguar or Amiga? Ever heard of Thalion or Eclipse? Still amazed by those “impossible” 68000 demos? No matter if you come from the demo or cracker scene or are simply interested in retro computers, it’s time to relive the best Atari years on paper.

The complete Anthology is only available as English Hardback Edition, but you can also get a German version for your e-book reader if you prefer digital reading. Note that the e-books are text-based and are available from AMAZON for Kindle Reader only. Refer to your national platform (see at the bottom of this page). Other languages are inquired.

All European countries are supplied as usual.

Available at different Amazon marketplaces: com/co.uk/de/fr/es/it/nl/co.jp/in/ca/com.br/com.mx/com.au ...
Available at different Amazon marketplaces: com/co.uk/de/fr/es/it/nl/co.jp/in/ca/com.br/com.mx/com.au ...

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