A journey through Power Without the Price

Go on a visual ride and inhale the neon-air of the 80s again. Enjoy the pixel-art, the logos, the fonts and rediscover the tools of the makers on 400 extraordinary pages. Well-known programmers and artists are looking back to their productions – sceners who have started with the Atari ST and are still working in todays creative IT business.

From 1984 to 1994 and beyond. The complete anthology will encompass several volumes with over 1000 pages packed by pixel fascination, interviews, demos, games, tools and computer history – presented in an all new manner. It covers the search for artistic expression and searches for the contemporary reasons.


Original pixels are used to build an immersive layout. Mini-Features adding infos on the origin of the screen art. 


To capture the fast-paced movements all demo screens were taken by an emulator and rearranged on paper. 


Read the story of the Atari ST and its model history. It’s the captivating beginning of 16-bit computers.


Scene vs. Scene. On the Atari ST the non-custom chip philosophy led to the creation of near-identical Amiga copies. 


Special features reveal behind-the-scene stories and pop cultural influences on demo coding and pixel art.


Over 40 pages interviews with the makers looking back to their achievements in the 80s/90s. 

“The moment we enter the virtual realm, we can return [...] to the true playful human nature.”

From the Foreword by Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth, Cologne Game Lab

Sign of the Times. Raster colors transformed the screen into a digital allegory of painting. Let’s put the disc back into the floppy drive and focus on the intensive engagement of digital artists and programmers of the 80s. How did those bedroom coders manage to overcome hardware limits by software? How was convincing pixel graphics made? What was it like to act in a digital underground society? Which mindset was needed?  

A biopic retrospective with one year of research. The author has read countless historic press articles and also switched on the original demos to read important scroll texts again. What shaped this Digital generation? With BREAKIN’ THE 

BORDERSa new kind of book series has been created. Author Breddin refers as contemporary witness, who made his first creative steps with the help of the Atari ST Demoscene.